UX / Onboarding Designer

New York City, New York, United States


Every year 10% of global GDP—more than $6 trillion—flows through local government procurement. For five years Citymart has worked with more than 60 cities around the globe to help them turn public procurement from a tedious exercise in buying things to an open problem–solving process that delivers better services to citizens.

Supported by a group of outstanding global investors, Citymart is now building a suite of SaaS products—the first of their kind—to dramatically scale the breadth and depth of our impact changing the way government works to deliver better services. Your talents, insights, and process as a freelance UX designer will be a key part of our fulfilling that goal.


What we're looking for

This is a contract/project position focused on our user onboarding and success processes. All facets of engagement are on the table including email and newsletters, support documents and videos, tooltips, funnels, and task–driven checklists.

You are a talented and experienced UX with a passion for solving problems and creating engaging experiences based on research–driven insight into our users’ needs, behaviors and intentions. You’ll have at least four years of experience in creating information architecture and solving complex workflows for a variety of audiences.

You must be available for regular meetings at our Tribeca offices.

What you’ll bring

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Please make sure to include portfolio links below. Applications without them will not be considered or responded to.

Note: Your portfolio must show desktop SaaS experience to be considered. We will not consider mobile-only portfolios.


This is a contract/freelance engagement that does not include benefits.

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